Dock Diving is another fast growing dog sport. The Incredible Dog Challenge, sponsored by Purina, was the first event to feature dock jumping in 1997. There are now a number of different organizations that run dock jumping competitions in different countries. Billings K9 Coaching is a North American Diving Dogs sanctioned facility. At NADD events teams can compete in Distance Jumping, Air Retrieve, and Hydro Dash. There are 5 divisions (Novice, Junior, Senior, Master, and Elite) and two classes (Lap and Open).  A title is earned once you have accumulated 5 qualifying scores within a division. NADD titles are recognized by AKC. The two classes are Open (16 inch and over dogs) and Lap (dogs under 16 inches).

If you are interested in learning dock diving, you must start with a private lesson.  Open pool is available for those who have completed as many private lessons as necessary until dog has demonstrated the ability to swim and safely use the pool ramp without a trainer needed for assistance. The Air Retrieve/Hydro Dash apparatus is NOT available for use during open pool time. You must schedule a private lesson or attend a class for AR and HD.  The pool is open from May through September.

Schedule and Rates

Private Lessons

$35 for 25 minutes

$70 for 60 minutes

Please complete Sign Up form to request a lesson.

Open Pool

Monday- Wednesday- Saturday from 2pm to 8pm. We do reserve the right to close the pool for a few weekends throughout the season. The pool will also close in the case of inclement weather.

Cost: $20 for 20 minutes. Reserve a time through the facebook group @Billings K9 Coaching Pool or contact Rachel Tremis, Non- members can only reserve appointments 1 week in advance.

Members: $600 for summer membership. The membership gives you access to a 20 minute slot for each day the pool is open. Members can reserve appointments in advance under the condition a 48 hour cancellation notice is given. In addition to open pool time, the membership includes 5 private lessons from Rachel Tremis, KPA-CTP. Privates are 25 minutes. You can use this time for AR, HD, or any other training offered by Rachel.

30 day memberships are available for $150 and include 1 private lesson. ($255 VALUE)

Air Retrieve

Tuesdays at 5:45 pm- dogs are allowed 2 turns on the dock for $15. May through September.

Hydro Dash

Available by privates only. A class may be added as needed as we introduce this new game in 2020.

Photo of Dock Diving